Arts & Culture Initiative of South Asia (ACISA) is a non- profit organization with a vision to:

Promote cross cultural understanding with the aim to bringing a diverse community together in celebration of life, culture, art and tradition.

Our Mission

  • To promote the diversity of South Asian art forms by showcasing local artistes and providing them with an opportunity to present their work to a wide range of audience (Non South Asians & South Asians)
  • To break cultural barriers and encourage participation, allowing all communities from Brampton to experience the different forms of South Asian Arts and culture
  • To showcase South Asian heritage as it continues to evolve imbibing the cultural values of Canada
  • To communicate key messages that share the philosophy of diversity with residents of Brampton

Our Projects

Vibrant Brampton and Visuals Initiative of South Asia (V.I.S.A) – Arts Festival, focus on promoting cross cultural understanding, which is critical for the success of multiculturalism that is one of the cornerstones of the Canadian constitution and growth of economy. Cultural expressions are tangible in the form of art, literature, music, dance, theatre, film, storytelling etc. Such manifestations can also be of economic value. Projects such as Vibrant Brampton and Visuals Initiative of South Asia (V.I.S.A) – Arts Festival, are not only harbingers of social development, but also bring economic value to local business community. Here’s how we aim to achieve this.

  • Promote local talents – will provide a free platform for up and coming artistes to showcase their talents;
  • Grow community pride – by showcasing traditional and fusion art forms, we create an inclusive platform for advancement, support and respect for art, artists and the community; we create cross cultural understanding to grow community pride;
  • Strengthen civic engagement – by engaging local residents and newcomers in our communities, we help them integrate into the Canadian multicultural way of life; and create communities which are stronger and connected with each other;
  • Celebrate the spirit of diversity – by showcasing the diverse South Asian culture, we embrace the uniqueness and bring out the similarities that help unite people;
  • Increase attendees and tourist visitation and expenditures by bringing in performers Canadian and International, with huge fan following that spend money at various local establishments and will provide an economic boost ;
  • Targeting people from neighbouring cities, from cities like Ottawa and Montreal, South Asian arts lovers from USA and our strong west coast South Asian population e.g. Winnipeg, Edmonton, Surrey and Vancouver will help in growing the Ontario economy. This will also enhance and strengthen Brampton and Ontario tourism brand image in Canadian and International markets

sandeep-round Sandeep Prabhakar – Chair & Founding Director
Sandeep is the driving force behind Vibrant. His experience in the entertainment industry is immense. With an experience of 16 years in advertising, marketing and organizing events in the ethnic communities for 10 years, has given Sandeep the expertise to gauge the needs of the South Asian community and how to integrate the community members in the events being organized. Since 2003 have been organizing numerous musical dance, talent hunts and dinner nights for various occasions.
ricky-round Kawaljit (Ricky) Bajaj – President & Founding Director
An active member within the media community in Canada, Ricky has spearheaded and managed several mega corporate events, as well as lending his strategic foresight for some of the company’s biggest brand launches and corporate events. Ricky heads the Sales and Marketing Team as well as the Corporate and Brand Activation business. He is also on board of directors for various South Asian festivals in Canada as well as works with various immigrant service providers in organizing Internationally Educated Professional (IEP) conferences & fairs all across the nation.
arpan-round Arpan Banerjee – Secretary & Founding Director
Besides managing mega projects for an IT company, Arpan has a passion in the field of events and entertainment worldwide. He has his pulse on the latest production and technological breakthroughs in the entertainment industry and constantly innovates and experiments with new technologies. He has been closely involved in producing mega events in India, besides being involved with TIFF and South Asian festivals in Canada.
krish-round Krish Chatterjee – Founding Director
A university student with a keen desire to bring young people of different cultures together. Krish believes we have more similarities than differences so why not focus on the similarities that unite us? Canada is a diverse country that will benefit hugely as the younger generation slowly but gently dismantles all the myths that serve to separate us. Together we stand guard to create the strong north.
aparna-round Aparna Rangnekar

In a career spanning over two decades, Aparna Rangnekar has created dynamic paintings exploring form and texture through various mediums. She is known for her use of vibrant colours and bold textures to create striking compositions that have a childlike simplicity encouraging playfulness in life. Her murals in the community have been described as “conveying joy and happiness”. In addition to being a Muralist and an Art Educator. Aparna is also engaged in various art activities including facilitating community art projects in Milton for the Ontario Culture Days.

ashapurna-round Ashuparna Doktor
Asha’s life philosophy “Here I am Today, let’s have some fun”. Also an accomplished professional who has worn many hats as a Teacher /Trainer, Consultant and Project Manager but enjoying most being the mother. With experience in Hindi and English theater productions in Bombay and Bahrain, she love’s bringing to life such experiences that encourage creativity and pride in our cultural heritage.
svetlana-round Svetlana Lazareva
Svetlana is a successful and proud Canadian, a Registered Nurse, an Educator, and the mother of two boys. She is the founder of the “ImmPress Institute” which she created to assist and motivate others through the immigrant experience. She has written a book- “The Sky is No Longer the Limit” – a flight plan to success for immigrants with big dreams. This book is about breaking through barriers and overcoming self-imposed limitations.

Advisory Board

Alex Dobo
Alex was born in Hungary during the Hungarian revolution of 1956. He wasn’t even 2 years old but noticed something serious was happening. His family escaped at night with nothing but the clothes on their backs into Austria. When Alex woke up he saw nuns with hats that looked like wings looking down at him. They all wore glasses, or at least that’s what he thinks he remembered.
Images like that always fueled his creativity and very early on he was drawing with the encouragement of his parents. Art is in his DNA and can’t seem to go a day without doing something art related. Studies at Western Tech High School in Toronto and then Sheridan College for Graphic Design. A tipping point was meeting Herb Lubalin and worked for him in New York for a short time. Alex was the Creative Director at Carlson Marketing Group, MDC Partners, Gray, O’rourke Sussman and owned a successful Design Firm. In between all this he freelanced and worked for Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock also for a short freelance gig.
Alex worked for the city of Brampton first as Manager Marketing & Creative Services and Later as Manager Graphic Design.
Alex has worked with many Fortune 500 companies and won many awards in advertising, Marketing & Design. Awards never paid the bills. He loves being part of new thinking and new ideas. He feels the world is running on lame old concepts and plagiarism. He offers a childlike excitement to anything he’s involved in. He loves the Arts and wants to change the world.

Peeyush Gupta
Originally from India, Peeyush is a well-known name in Downtown Brampton. Serving as a chair for downtown Brampton BIA, Peeyush envisioned an idea of bringing together several festivals in this area and successfully implemented it during his tenure. A successful businessman, Peeyush is married and has 2 children.

Sukhi Nijjar
Sukhi NIjjer needs no introduction in Punjabi Media, Arts & Cultural scene. Successfully running his TV and Radio Program Watno Door across GTA for several years, he has many house full shows under his belt, including “Teeyan Da Mela”


Kamil Mytnik – Multimedia Designer
Kamil works as a graphic designer, photographer, front end web developer and sometimes tackles video editing.

Safi Nomani – Graphic Designer
Safi has a ton of experience in Graphic designing. He has worked across the Globe including with leading media companies in Middle East and Canada. He now runs his own creative studio in Toronto.