Vibrant Classical is coming back this year in an exciting digital format once again on August 7 and 8

Stemming from the need and demand for a platform for local Classical Music & Dance artistes to showcase their art forms in GTA was born the idea for Vibrant Classical.

Classical Music and Dance has always aimed for the “classes” and not the “masses” But our goal is to let the masses to experience & enjoy the class of this genre. It is the purpose of this festival to allow classical music and dance to reach as many ears & touch as many lives as we can.

And we didn’t let these unprecedented times and its hurdles deter us from moving ahead with the classical segment even if it had to be launched on an online platform.

Several thousands Joined and dived into the world of Classical Music and Dance, to listen the language of the soul. The event was launched the week of Aug 17th, every Wednesday @ 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm for the next 3 weeks. 2 hours of programming/week comprised of 10-15 performers showcasing their talent with a Headliner closing the event for the day.