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Vinay Batra

Vinay’s aura on stage and his captivating voice makes him the first visual persona on the stage to look for. His commendable ability to hold the crowd is proven by the fact that he has managed to host thousands of audience in events of Golden Books Records and many more events of high repute. He has this charming persona that forces one to look only towards him and not anywhere else. He is equally witty and knows very well how to bind the onlookers. He is humorous, charming, elegant, versatile and what not that makes him so special once he holds the mic on the stage. Vinay possesses a very alluring demeanor that just mesmerizes the crowd. He holds a celebrity repute and proven his virtuoso in many renowned events across the nation. Vinay Batra won’t demand but captivate your undivided attention with his style n substance coupled with unparalleled elegance. His quick and funny lines from the front will make you his fan going crazy and you won’t be able to resist yourself laugh out loud.