Anthony Tirado

Anthony Tirado

Anthony Tirado

Greater Toronto Area, Canada

Born on June, 12, 1979 and raised in the Bronx was where his journey began. In the summer of ’97 was when he noticed he had great skills as an entertainer. He began entertaining through the love of first dancing to House and very soon after he adopted and integrated other styles of dance such as Latin and Hip- Hop. His newly adopted dance style of Hip-Hop helped him get introduced to the god-father of Hip-hop, Afrikka Bambataa in ’99. Before long Antho- ny was given the opportunity of a lifetime touring with Afrikka Bambat- aa for 6 months nation-wide and he continued to dance with him until 2001.

After being in various dance groups and street performing along the east coast in the United States meeting all sorts of people, he soon decided in 2004 to go solo when he came back home to New York City. While Anthony was going solo, he had dedicated some of his time teaching dance to people of all ages and offering these lessons in studios or in the comfort of the clients’ home when it was requested.

Throughout the years, Antho- ny was given opportunities that many could only dream of; he was given the chance to be in an off-Broadway pro- duction titled, ‘The Jaded Assassin’ in 2007. It was written and directed by Timothy Haskell of the Big Time Action Theater. Anthony was also casted into ‘A Guide to Recognizing your Saints’ which was released in theaters in 2006. Written and directed by Dito Montiel and starred actors such as Robert Downey Jr. and Rosario Dawson. He has also worked with renowned poet and playwright Renita Martin, assisting her interpreting po- ems in Spanish.

Additionally Anthony has also been in several music videos from genres ranging from Reggaeton to electronic. During the year of 2007, Anthony was featured in sev- eral news articles written by the Staten Is- land Advance and he was named one of the ‘upcoming artists under 30’ in Awe Maga- zine. Anthony was also approached by Lar- ry Hoff of CW11 morning news to teach him how to breakdance. In May of 2007 Antho- ny was recognized by MTV Tr3s, Telemundo, and NBC for his Latino heritage as well as a hard working father. He has also been rec- ognized and awarded by the NYPD 120th precinct for an outstanding performance in Community Awareness for Youths.

Being known as a self-promoter and having outstanding managing skills, Anthony had been given opportunities to manage several dance studios within the New York City area and has managed several performers as a freelance agent over the years. In June of 2013 Anthony was given the chance to do a dance shoot while wearing Ralph Lauren attire and he was been given a front two-page spread featuring him in Pony Step volume 5; a world renown UK based fashion magazine.