Ensemble Barynya

Ensemble Barynya

Ensemble Barynya

Moscow, Russia

Ensemble Barynya is the biggest and oldest professional Russian music, song and dance company outside of Mother Russia.

Barynya presents Russian, Tatar, Cossack, Siberian Nanai, Ukrainian, Roma Gypsy Tsyganskiy, Evreiskiy Jewish, Moldavian traditional dancing, music, songs, and virtuoso performances on instruments including the balalaika, balalaika-contrabass, and garmoshka (Russian folk button accordion).

Barynya has been invited to perform at some of the most prestigious cultural venues in the United States, including Carnegie Hall in New York City, the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, the Smithsonian Institute of America in Washington D.C., the United Nations in New York, and the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C.

Barynya is globally recognized and boasts an impressive client roster of dignitaries, politicians, celebrities and organizations from around the world.  The group performed recently during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s State Visit to United Arab Emirates (October 2019), at the black-tie Gala after the Liberty Medal was presented to former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev by President George H.W. Bush in 2008. That prestigious event was attended by over one thousand dignified guests including the likes of Tom Brokaw, Dikembe Mutumbo and Van Cliburn.

Most recent major concert tours: United Arab Emirates (2019), Lithuania (2018), Canada (2018), Puerto Rico (2017), Canada (2017), (2016), Puerto Rico (2015), United States (2014, 2013, 2012), Australia (2011), Hong Kong (2010), Canada, Mexico (2009), United States (2008, 2007).

Barynya also performs annually at the Russian Nobility Ball for the Russian Nobility Association in New York.  Members of the ensemble have been invited to perform at many film premier and celebrity parties, including the official post-Grammy Award parties in New York and for private events hosted by Barbara Walters, Elton John, the Rolling Stones, and Tommy Hilfiger.   Most recently, Mikhail Smirnov, the founder and Artistic Director of Barynya, was invited as one of the eight judges on NBC’s hit dance show, “Superstars of Dance”.