Neo’s House of Movement

Neo’s House of Movement

Neo’s House of Movement

Brampton, Canada

After being in various dance groups and street performing along the east coast in the United States, Anthony soon decided in 2004 to go solo when he came back to New York City. While Anthony was going solo, he had dedicated some of his time teaching dance to people of all ages and offering these lessons in studios or in the comfort of the clients’ home when it was requested.
Throughout the years, Anthony was given opportunities that many could only dream of; he was given the chance to be in an off-Broadway production titled, ‘The Jaded Assassin’ in 2007. He was also casted into ‘A Guide to Recognizing your Saints’ which was released in theaters in 2006. He has also worked with renowned poet and playwright Renita Martin, assisting her interpreting poems in Spanish
Additionally Anthony has also been in several music videos from genres ranging from Reggaeton to electronic. He now lives in Brampton Ontario and calls the flower city is home. He has collaborated with various other dance groups to form “ Neo’s House of Movement” Some of them are:

Antoinette Jade – 22 years old has been dancing for 5 years. Has competed in various dance competitions, performed for events and is Skilled in various dance techniques. Contemporary, jazz funk, street, hip hop and urban

Tori Martin – 23 years old has been dancing for 5+ years. Has competed in post secondary competitions, performed for live events and is skilled in various dance techniques, pop, street style, jazz funk, contemporary and hip hop.

Kassandra Roberts – 22 years old has been dancing 5+ years. Has competed in post secondary competitions, performed in music videos, live performances and is skilled in various of dance techniques contemporary, hip hop, jazz funk, heels and urban.

Jerome and Odille represent one of Toronto’s leading latin dance schools named United Salseros. Jerome has been dancing since 1998 with primarily Ground Illusionz Breakin’ (break-dance)Crew and later expanded to popping, locking and various latin dance styles mainly salsa. Odille shares similar interests mainly towards latin dance styles such as salsa, bachata, boogaloo and cha cha cha.

Nathaniel Scarlette, has been dancing since he was 6 years old. He is in a crew called Intervibe their goal is to put Brampton on the map and to show how much talent is in this city.
While Gabriel Coroza is 16 and wants to make dancing as his full time career.