Young Blood

Young Blood

Young Blood

Six Nations Ontario, Turtle Island, Canada


Sago My name is Mark Jeffrey Monture also known as Youngblood to my people

I belong to the Mohawk Nation of the bear clan family of Six Nations Ontario, Turtle Island.

I am a father, brother, uncle and a papa to a beautiful family that I am honoured to call mine.

I am also a son and a husband which I take pride in being.

I’ve spent half my life trying to fit in to places I know were not me, the very moment I found my culture and my heritage I knew my search was over and I would finally fit in.

I am also a National hero…. So they say

I rescued a family from a house fire and received the Canadian Medal of Bravery for my efforts which sounds like a big honour but with it came the struggles of PTSD which is very real and scary at times. But through out all the counselling and health professionals help, I found that my culture and actually being part of something more has helped me find solace.

I started dancing because I found I was having trouble communicating my feelings, once I started dancing I realized this was my way of communicating with my Creator and wanted to share my culture with those around me. Dancing puts my mind at ease and fills my heart with pride.

I was told that when you dance you are praying to our Creator for the benefit of all people and the drum is the heartbeat of a Nation and I take great pride in praying (dancing) for all of us



She:kon, ni gyasoh Randi Bomberry from Six Nations Indian Reservation. I am bear clan of the Mohawk people, people of the flint. I am also a wife and mother of 4 children who I am raising on our home territory. I am a RECE and Cultural and Language Instructor for Family Gatherings Family Resource Center. Throughout my life I have sought more knowledge and understanding of where I come from and the culture and ceremonies my people have practiced. Education became my career path because I saw a desperate need in my community to learn our ways and uphold our traditions and languages to pass onto the next 7 generations after. We were robbed of our culture by assimilation and colonization and I make it a priority to learn so I can then teach what I know. Being a student as well as a teacher has given me fundamental understanding of how important these teachings are, and how best to pass them on. A big part of my culture is dancing. We dance to tell stories. We dance to celebrate life and peace. We dance to heal our sick and wounded. We dance to connect with mother earth and to feel closer to our Creator. When we wear our regalia and we stomp the ground, we are speaking the language of the earth and we are connecting ourselves as the first peoples of the land. Dancing has been the best form for me to help pass on my culture and give an insight into my own identity. I am a Mohawk woman and I am here to teach.  Nya:weh.