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The search for the VIBRANT STARS- A Runaway Success! 

Arts & Culture Initiative of South Asia (ACISA) launched #VibrantStar, a talent hunt contest that had 8 finalists vying to be sensations in different genres of performing arts – vocal, instrumental and dance.

Out of hundreds of video entries, top 33 were selected to be a part of the online audition which ran LIVE on our facebook page spanning over several days and 4 rounds starting June 22 ending July 17, 2020 resulting in these 8 coming up at the top.

The Live contest over a period of approximate 4 weeks generated over 117,000 engagements over our facebook page in the form of comments and likings.

The event aimed to groom musical and dancing talent by providing an opportunity to perform in Brampton’s largest arts, culture and heritage festival, #VibrantBrampton

Since 2016, Vibrant Brampton Festival has provided a platform to several hundred local and international artists both from South Asian and non-South Asian diaspora.  The festival has been at the forefront of supporting local talent that celebrate the country’s diversity and multiculturalism

#VibrantStar is going to provide these 8 local amateur artists to perform in the main Vibrant Brampton festival which is being presented this year in an exciting e-format, starting July 21, 2020.

These 8 winners will also be Presented with prizes totalling thousands of dollars as winner’s cheque and gifts.

Even if the 8 winners have been selected, 3 of these top 8 will now get a chance to win a Grand Prize along with an opportunity to perform at the main stage of Vibrant Brampton festival in 2021.

Show Dates

ROUND 1 (Top 33) June 22 – June 27, 2020
ROUND 2 (Top 24) July 2 & 3, 2020
ROUND 3 (Top 18) July 9 & 10, 2020

ROUND 4 (Top 12) July 17 & 18

Top 8 winners perform at Vibrant Brampton Main festival from July 21 all the way till August 11

Top 3: To be decided based on popular votes as well as judges score.

Keep voting for your favourite contestants to bring them to the Top 3 level for them to win additional prize money as well as an opportunity to perform at the 2021 VIBRANT BRAMPTON MAIN STAGE




Greater Toronto Area, Canada

Anthony Tirado

Anthony Tirado

Greater Toronto Area, Canada