Entries for 2021 Vibrant Star Talent Hunt Contest are now closed.

Rules & Guidelines

See below the Rules and Guidelines for Vibrant Star 2021. Your submission is your implied agreement to the same.

There are three divisions in the competition.

  • Vibrant Star – Singing
  • Vibrant Star – Instrumental
  • Vibrant Star – Dance

How to Enter

  1. Complete the entry form online at Vibrant Brampton. Acceptance of entry forms by Vibrant Star Talent Hunt Panel will close at 12:00 am June 14th, 2020. The Judging Panel has the sole discretion to accept or refuse to accept entry forms that are late, incomplete or illegible or not as per specified guidelines.
  2. A YouTube video link is preferred along with your entry form before the specified deadline. Although other modes of video transfer are also accepted. All audition material must have been recorded within the last 12 months. Please send only one performance (10 minutes Max). Duplicate submissions may result in non acceptance of the form.
  3. When preparing your YouTube video, you might start by introducing yourself – full name, age, location and your talent. You can speak about your performance in a few words. Also Name the file with your name and talent type. Improperly labelled submissions may not be considered.
  4. Contestants acknowledge that ACISA is not affiliated in any way with YouTube and a submission made by a contestant via YouTube is the sole responsibility of the contestant, including the ability of ACISA to access the submission. Any YouTube submissions that cannot be accessed by the ACISA for any reason whatsoever will be deemed not to have been received. Contestants are responsible for compliance with YouTube’s Terms of Use.
  5. The judges will consist of a panel appointed by the organisers. The judges will review all video entries and will select which entries will be presented on social channels for public votes.
  6. By sending us your entries along with the Youtube links, you are giving Vibrant Star Talent Hunt the permission to use that content for usage on our website, social channels and other forms of communication with our audiences and general public.
  7. Shortlisted participants will have to perform live through a digital platform for Judges to verify the level of talent. The judge’s decision is final and cannot be contested by applicants.
  8. Email will be our primary mode of correspondence, please make sure your e-mail is current and correct and make sure to check it regularly. Also, check your junk/spam folder.
  9. You have to be at least 15 years complete to be eligible for participation. All applicants below the age of 18 will need to provide a written consent from legal guardian and the Guardian’s contact details. Vibrant Star organisers will need to verify the consent.

The search for the VIBRANT STARS- A Runaway Success!

Arts & Culture Initiative of South Asia (ACISA) launched #VibrantStar, a talent hunt contest that had 8 finalists vying to be sensations in different genres of performing arts – vocal, instrumental and dance.

Out of hundreds of video entries, top 33 were selected to be a part of the online audition which ran LIVE on our facebook page spanning over several days and 4 rounds starting June 22 ending July 18, 2020 resulting in these 8 coming up at the top.

The event aimed to groom musical and dancing talent by providing an opportunity to perform in Brampton’s largest arts, culture and heritage festival, #VibrantBrampton

Since 2016, Vibrant Brampton Festival has provided a platform to several hundred local and international artists both from South Asian and non-South Asian diaspora.  The festival has been at the forefront of supporting local talent that celebrate the country’s diversity and multiculturalism 

#VibrantStar later provided these 8 local amateur artists to perform in the main Vibrant Brampton festival which was presented last year in an exciting e-format, starting July 21, 2020.

These 8 winners were Presented with 2 rounds of prizes which included Winners’ cheques and in High Savings Account (or RESP), courtesy of the presenting sponsor National Bank. The total prize amount was worth thousands of dollars!

 3 of these top 8 will now get a chance to win a Grand Prize along with an opportunity to perform at the main stage of Vibrant Brampton festival in 2021.


Aadvik Digesh

(Under 15)

Adrit Panda

(Under 15)

Bhavik Soni

H&R Dance Crew

Nandni Vohra

Rushna Imran

Team Apsaras

Toby Patrick

Round 1, Day 1

June 22

Round 1, Day 2

June 23

Round 1, Day 3

June 24

Round 1, Day 4

June 25

Round 1, Day 5

June 26

Round 1, Day 6

June 27

Round 2, Day 1

July 2

Round 2, Day 2

July 3

Round 3, Day 1

July 9

Round 3, Day 2

July 10

Round 4, Day 1

July 16

Round 4, Day 2

July 17


Raina Sen

Raina Sen

Greater Toronto Area, Canada

Anthony Tirado

Anthony Tirado

Greater Toronto Area, Canada